Profession of Private Temporary Vows






Priest:  In the name of the Father, . . . 


P:      Daughter, what is it you ask?

The Eremite:  With the help of God, I, The Eremite [name], am coming to know the life of an Eremitic of Saint Augustine.  Father, I now ask to be allowed to make my second profession of temporary private vows, for a period of three years, as an Eremitic of Saint Augustine.


P:      Dear daughter, in baptism you have already died to sin and have been set aside for God’s service.  Are you now resolved to unite yourself more closely to God by your second profession of the evangelical counsels?

M:    I am

P:      Are you resolved with the help of God, to undertake that life of perfect chastity, obedience, and poverty chosen for themselves by Christ our Lord and His Virgin Mother, and to persevere in it for three more years?

M:    I am

P:      Are you resolved to strive steadfastly for perfection in the love of God and of your neighbor by living the Gospel with all your heart and keeping the rule of life as an Eremitic of Saint Augustine?

M:    I am

P:      Are you resolved, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to spend your time in the generous service of God’s people?

M:    I am

P:      Are you resolved to live for God alone, in solitude and silence, in persevering prayer and willing penance, in humble work and holiness of life?

M:    I am

P:      May God who has begun the good work in you bring it to fulfillment before the day of Christ Jesus.

All:  Amen

Prayer of Consecration

P:      Father, in your loving wisdom

You have singled out many of your daughters

To receive the honor of Christ’s love.

Holy Church shines with their rich variety,

A bride adorned with jewels,

A queen robed in grace,

A mother rejoicing in her children.


Father, we earnestly pray you:  Extend hands

Send the fire of the Holy Spirit

Into the heart of your daughter The Eremite

To keep alive within her

The holy desire He has given her.


Lord, may the glory of baptism and holiness of life

Shine in her heart.

Strengthened by the vows of her consecration,

May she be one with You.

In loving fidelity to Christ,

May she cherish the Church as her mother

And love the whole world as God’s creation,

Teaching all people to look forward in joy and hope

To the good things of heaven.


Lord, holy Father,

Guide the steps of your servant The Eremite

And guard her on her pilgrimage through life.


We ask this through Christ our Lord.

All:   Amen.

Profession of Vows

The Eremite recites her written vows,

Signs them, the priest signs them, and

two witnesses sign them

Solemn Blessing

P:      God inspires all holy desires and brings them to fulfillment.

May he protect you always by His Grace

So that you may fulfill the duties of your vocation

With a faithful heart.

All:   Amen.

P:      May he make you a witness

And sign of His love for all people.

All:   Amen.

P:      May He make those bonds,

With which He has bound you to Christ on earth,

Endure in heavenly love.

All:   Amen.

P:      May almighty God,

The Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

Bless all of you who have taken part in this celebration.

Go in Peace.

All:   Amen.




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