Consecration Application Form


Application Forms



According to [Canon 603] [Canon 604] [Canon 605]





To________________________________________ [priest of the Society of Jesus] [pastor of _____ Parish] [Bishop of the Diocese of __________]


I, ____________________________ (name), of ______________(city), _____________(state), desiring to begin formal preparation to receive the Consecration of [an Eremitic] [a Widow] [a Virgin], make this petition to be considered for such Consecration. I understand that a period of preparation must precede this sacramental, and I offer my cooperation in such a process.




Dated: ____________________________________


Personal Information:


Name: _________________________________________



Phone: ________________________

E-mail: ________________________

Place and Date of birth:___________________________________________

Place and Date of Baptism:__________________________________________

Place and Date of First Holy Communion:_______________________________

Place and Date of Confirmation:______________________________________



References: (Please list three. By listing their names below, you are agreeing that they

may answer questions about you and how they know you. Please do not list your spiritual director as one of these references.)


Name: ______________________________________



Name: ______________________________________



Name: ______________________________________



Please list the name and address of your pastor, who will be asked to be a reference for



Name: _______________________________________



Please list the name and address of your spiritual director, who will be asked only if you

have been receiving consistent spiritual direction.


Name: ______________________________________



1. Have you ever been a member of a religious institute or other form of the consecrated

life, or have you applied to another diocese for the consecration of [an eremitic] [a widow] [a virgin]? If yes, please explain.



2. Have you ever been married?


3. Have you ever lived in open violation of chastity?



Please attach proofs of Baptism (current copy of Baptismal Certificate), First Holy

Communion, Confirmation, and citizenship.


Because the (Arch)Diocese of _______________ is not responsible for the financial care of consecrated [eremitics] [widows][ virgins], please indicate your means of financial independence:


1. What is your current means of income?

2. Is it adequate to support you?

3. How are your providing for your retirement?

4. What health insurance provisions do you have?

5. Additional comments on your financial status, such as disability insurance, homeowners insurance, personal liability umbrella insurance policy, and any other comments on your financial status


Please attach a personal life history, indicating your reasons for seeking the Consecration of [an Eremitic] [a Widow] [a Virgin].


Please list below education and work experience, both salaried and volunteer, and indicate approximate dates. Attach separate sheets if necessary.





Reference for: ______________________________

As a Consecrated [Eremitic] [Widow] [Virgin]



SAMPLE letter of reference


(Arch)Diocese of ______________________


City, State ZIP


Reference for: ___________________________________

As a Consecrated [Eremite] [Widow] [Virgin]


Note: This petitioner for Consecration has agreed that you may respond

to these questions. Please be as thorough and specific as necessary as you answer as many of these questions as necessary.


1. Under what circumstances did you come to know her? How long have you known

her? What is your present contact?


2. What characteristics do you observe that make her a fitting candidate for Consecrated [Eremitic Life] [Widowhood][Virginity]?

3. What is her understanding of the doctrine of the faith and of the discipline of the



4. How has she shown her faith in practice? Can you attest to her way of life as virtuous?

5. What is her experience and understanding of prayer and the spiritual life?

6. Describe the quality of her relationships with people.

7. [How does she understand herself as a woman living in poverty?

  How does she understand herself as a women living in obedience?]

  How does she understand herself as a woman? How does she understand her sexuality?

8. Is she a mature, integral person? Has she demonstrated freedom and maturity in

making decisions for herself?


9. How does she understand Consecrated [Eremitic Life] [Widowhood] [Virginity]? Does she understand it as a gift of Grace? Does she understand the responsibilities that this vocation entails for the rest of her life?

10. How has her call to consecrated [Eremitic Life] [Widowhood] [virginity] been tested over time?

11. How does she understand her relationship with the neighborhood/area in which she



12. In your opinion, does the applicant possess sufficient age, prudence, and universally

esteemed character to provide assurance of perseverance in a life of perpetual [poverty, obedience, and] chastity [in prayer and penance, silence and solitude] [dedicated to the service of the Church and of her neighbor]?


13. Other comments. . . . .

Evaluator’s name:_____________________________

Address: ______________________________

City:______________________State:________________ZIP code:________

Phone : ______________________________

E-mail: _______________________________



Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________